Welcome to M&Financial Planning and Investment Services

M&N Financial Planning and Investment Services is a global financial advisory firm.

We offer personalized solutions to business owners and investors seeking guidance on how to invest worldwide, run their company efficiently or start their new companies abroad.

We have experience in the search and purchase of luxury real estate in the Middle East, investment properties in Turkey, or commercial properties in the United States. We are now developing a network of clients to invest in Europe and get permanent residence through their investment.

Why you should CHOOSE US


M&N offers solid financial advice and investment services to a group of high-class entrepreneurs and distinguished investors around the world. Based on many years of experience and international success, our company provides clients with a customized financial plan and different investment opportunities as well as financing options that suit their needs, helping them maximize their returns and minimize all risks.


  • Trustworthiness

  • Innovation

  • Diversity

  • Affordability

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