Tax planning is the art of arranging business affairs in ways that result in paying taxes efficiently. By employing effective tax planning strategies, we will make sure our clients have more money to save, invest or spend. We understand that many individuals and corporations, especially business entrepreneurs transacting abroad, find international tax laws and treaties very complicated and difficult to understand; however, we partner with top-notch tax advisors from around the world to make sure that our cross-border clients will be able to maximize their after-tax income, reduce their tax liabilities, and be in full compliance with the law.

Additionally, we will work with them throughout the year to develop a customized plan for tax-saving purposes, tailored to their unique situation. Specifically, we can help when dealing with:

  • Transfer pricing schemes
  • Outbound and inbound investment structuring opportunities
  • Cross-border cash planning: dividend repatriation, funding and currency issues
  • Foreign tax credit
  • Customs and trade
  • Tax preparation
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